Frequently Asked Questions


How do I buy a Wavepro?

You can pay by credit card or paypal on our website by clicking on the "purchase" tab.

Or you can call or visit any of our dealers. You can find a list of our dealers under the "location" tab on our website.

Will it work for my boat?

Our standard bolt down pedestal will fit in any boat with the "6-bolt" circular pattern. (See image to the left)

The movable pedestal will depend on the style of your pedestal bases that came stock in your boat. Click below to find out more.

Find out more

What size do I need?

Measure the distance from the floor of your boat to the bottom of your seat and add one inch to account for "sag" on the air shock system.

For example:

If the bottom of your current seat is 13" off the floor, you will want to order our 14" pedestal. When you sit down on the Wavepro, it will "sag" approximately one inch, 14" minus 1" = 13"


We offer a full two-year warranty.

Will it work with my slider?

Wavepro pedestals are compatible with the newest model springfield sliders. Your wavepro will come with two small screws on the top plate that will lock into the slider track.

See image

Is the height of your pedestal adjustable?

Our pedestals are not considered adjustable. You can lower the height before you ride by decreasing the PSI or raise your height by increasing the PSI. However, there is no lever to adjust height and adjusting PSI while riding is not recommended.


Can I install them myself?

Most definitely. Not much mechanical skills are needed. As long as you have the circular six bolt pattern its simple and should only take 5-10 minutes. There is an installation video on our home page of the website. 

Also, if you decide to purchase a lock after your pedestal, installing the locks are quite simple as well.

Can I use your pedestals in salt water?

Yes. We have several customers who use them in the oceans, bays, gulf and inner-coastal water ways. We have yet to hear anything negative regarding the affects of the salt.

Does the pedestal come with a locking device or stabilizer?

The base price does not include a lock. Locking devices are available at an additional cost in our store.

How much does your pedestal weigh?

They are lightweight, ranging from 5.5 - 7.5 pounds.

O - Ring


Should the O ring be loose on the neck of the pedestal? 

Yes, the O ring is just to be used as a guide for how much movement your pedestal is utilizing.

Air Pressure


How much air pressure should I use?

Click below to see our recommended air pressure chart.

Click to see Air Pressure Chart