"I’ve owned just about every cushioning pedestal out there and I can tell you by personal experience, nothing matches the WavePro. There is no springy action that throws you out of your seat, just a pure comfortable ride."

-Gary Parsons

(Champion Tournament Angler -The Next Bite TV) 

 “As tournament anglers, we're always looking for an edge and WavePro pedestals give us exactly that. Not only is it the most comfortable ride in fishing, but being lightweight, WavePro’s don't affect the weight distribution in our boats, allowing the hulls to perform as effective as possible!” 


-Chase Parsons (above)(Champion Tournament Angler -The Next Bite TV) 

 "I have been fortunate to run WavePro for the last two seasons. Fishing professional Walleye tournaments often times brings rough weather and long rides in big waves! The WavePro is a back saver and I will not leave the dock without it!! Its compact sleek look is simple and makes for comfortable ride in any weather conditions”

-Dusty Minke (NWT)

 "I can't say enough about the wavepro. The first day out prefishing a tournament I was in 4 ft waves had to call wavepro directly and tell them how well they performed. With the Great Lakes being my primary fishing spots any added feature such as wavepro is a bonus to keep me on the water for years to come."

-Jason Maraskine

(Michigan Walleye Tour, Cabelas NTC, Cabelas NWT co-angler) 


"The Wavepro pedestal has definitely made a difference in our comfort on the water. The best way to describe them is like "riding on a cloud" making rough water an enjoyable ride. Now all weather is fair weather."

-Al and Bev Standly

(Walleye Tournament fisherman)

"I have to tell you after a week on Lake Erie in some nasty weather with over 200 miles of long runs the Wavepros saved my back! I was blown away how smooth the ride was, now you just need to make electronic mounts that soften the blows of those jarring waves. We had an amazing  prefish and ended up in 24th in the tournament which was a little  disappointing considering how well we were catching fish before the  weather really went south. We landed a monster 14.1 lb walleye in practice that made the trip all that more memorable." 

-Dan Geikin

"I suffer from occasional back pain, and have not had a single chiropractic appointment since installing WavePros in my Ranger boat. The best after market pedestal hands down period."

-John Hoyer

"Walleye anglers from across the country know Lake Erie can be an unforgiving body of water. Long boat rides, in brutal conditions, take a toll on fishermen and equipment, and as a Lake Erie tournament angler, I need the toughest, most reliable equipment I can find. WavePro has proven their durability, and given me the ability to run further, fish longer, and get back to the dock safely, without having to pay for it in the following days. I can’t say enough about the craftsmanship, reliability, and customer support you’re getting in this product!" 

-Randy Eyre

"Just over a month ago I was blessed to meet the great people from WavePro...they were sponsors of a very special event that I co-host and organize with Dan Geiken, The WNGU/LAWC Pro-Am, where we put 20 war veterans with 10 of the best tournament walleye fisherman in the area for a catch and release walleye tournament. The wind hasn't blown since they kindly installed a set in my boat...as weird as it sounds, I have been wanting to test them out!!"

"The wind finally blew on day 2 of the MWC Devils Lake tournament this past weekend, 20-30 mph sustained out of the NW, we made a 20+ mile run in big waves with the combination of the Ranger and WavePro Pedestals. Not once did it get uncomfortable, these pedestals will greatly decrease the wear and tear on my back. Why did I not meet you a long time ago..."

"Check out their website...and stop by Soo Sports when you are in Sioux Falls to see them first hand."

-Mike Dorris (July 25, 2017)