Wavepro 2.0

The WavePro 2.0 offers everything our original 1.50 pedestals offered and more.  It can be purchased as a movable or standard pedestal at various heights, with or without the swivel locking device.

The 2.0 pedestal has an optional billet aluminum body cap (in place of the top plate), in sizes 2 3/8" or 2 7/8", which allows for compatibility with certain seat sliders, most notably Attwood and Springfield.


  • A 2.0” wide body which yields 30-40% more strength than the 1.5”   
  • Billet aluminum Internal Floating Piston designed to separate the nitrogen and oil (IFP shocks provide more consistent dampening and reduces oil contamination)  
  • Increased air volume which helps combat heat accumulation  
  • Redundant sealing pack system: oil seal, air seal, wiper seal, scraper seal  
  • Internal bottom-out bumper to prevent harsh bottoming  
  • Bold new graphics and much more.