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Wavepro, LLC

We offer high performance boat seat pedestals with total air suspension which results in a smooth ride without that back jarring experience you get with your standard pedestal. WavePro’s sleek design weighs only 7lbs and uses your existing 6 bolt circular pattern resulting in an easy install. Our pedestals come either moveable or standard in 4 different sizes; 10, 12, 14 or 16 inches, all can be ordered with or without the locking device.


WavePro High Performance Boat Seat Pedestals use aircraft grade aluminum for high strength and light weight, with a hard anodized finish to reduce friction. The main shaft has a super hard chrome finish also to reduce friction. All seals and O-rings have been designed specifically for friction reduction and long life in the WavePro High Performance Boat Seat Pedestal.

Inside the WavePro is where magic happens. An extremely easy to adjust air chamber provides a bottomless feel that caters to a wide range of rider weights. There is also one of the finest made hydraulic shock absorbers in the world tuned specifically for the boating enthusiast. With it’s Hi-Performance velocity sensitive shimmed dampening system, our pedestal is sure to impress you! This all adds up to the finest most comfortable boat ride you will ever have. 

To install your new WavePro product, simply screw onto your existing bolt pattern for floor and seat, using your factory boat bolts. To adjust the air pressure in your Wavepro simply thread your pump on to the air inlet valve located at the base of your WavePro . All WavePro pedestals come preset with 25 PSI of air pressure in the air chamber. It is recommended that you set the air pressure to the suggested levels listed below, before your initial rides.

Standard Pedestal

The standard pedestal is stationary and is bolted down using the universal six bolt circular pattern. 

Find out more information on these in our Purchase page.

Moveable Pedestal

The moveable pedestal can be easily removed and inserted into different positions inside the boat. Be sure to contact us first to see if we have the correct style for your boat. Click below to see the styles we currently offer.


Check out this video for some help installing your pedestal. Also, see the "Installation" tab for more help on installation.

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Our Pedestals have been tested on the water with various degrees and weights of fishermen. The air spring chamber allows for 0-200psi of air spring preload to accommodate a wider range of weights. This will handle rider weights up to 400 lbs or more!


shock absorber


Definition of shock absorber

  • a device used in a vehicle in order to reduce the effects of traveling on a rough surface
  • I.E. A Wavepro High Performance Boat Seat Pedestal